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Porsche 911 SC RS - Henri Toivonen - Ypres 24 Hours Rally 1984

35 years ago, the rallying world got one of it's most tragic news. Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto had passed away in a horrible accident during Tour de Corse. 

It was the end of a very promising career in rallying and I'm quite certain that it was a future world champion taken from us too soon. To remember this grim day I've chosen to release a livery from one of Henri's finest performances. You know, to enjoy and cherish the nice things.

Henri won the rally with over a 5 minute gap to the second placed Belgian Patrick Snijers. Snijers did end up winning the 1984 Belgian Rally Championship so it's not like he's one slow chap either. Henri did drive amazingly throughout the rally to take the win. He didn't set the world on fire with outright pace over the full length of the rally, but Henri did take the lead of the rally on SS37 out of 51 and kept his lead until the end. 

Sadly though I can't write too much about the rally as there are no stage results available on, but atleast they've got the info on stage winners and rally leaders.

Hope you guys can set blitzing times with this livery too, enjoy!

Here's some more pictures of the skin in action. Pictures by Onza.